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The young children in your care need encouragement to explore and experiment with movement in safe and fun ways.
physical activities in Active Play! Fun Physical Activities for Young Children are safe, easy to lead, and fun for the children. Most activities can be set up quickly and need little equipment. The DVD accompanying the book shows just how easy it is for child care providers to give young children the developmentally appropriate movement activities they need.




View sample physical activities from the Active Play! DVD

AlligatorPit BubbleWrapJumpingSwatTheFly

January-2014-Calif-079_450pxDr. Craft’s workshops can help your organization meet emerging requirements for training child care providers in appropriate physical activities for young children.

Over 13,000 copies of Dr. Craft’s book/DVD set Active Play! Fun Physical Activities for Young Children are being used by organizations including CACFP, WIC, Head Start Body Start, Nemours National Office of Policy & Prevention, Head Start/Early Head Start, school districts and hundreds of local child care resource agencies.

“I was so excited and impressed with the materials and have started sharing some of the activities with the Head Start families I visit. The activities and concepts in your manual [Active Play!] are so geared not only to young children but to families who have limited resources.”

–Susan Emmerling, Southern Kennebeck Child Development Corporation, Farmingdale, Maine


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