Book/DVD set (also available in Spanish)
by Diane H. Craft, PhD and Craig L. Smith (paperback – 2008)
List Price $39.00

The 52 physical activities and their many variations in Active Play! are…

  • created for toddlers and preschoolers to play together!
  • easy to lead and fun to do!
  • inexpensive, using readily available equipment!
  • designed for children to develop fundamental movement skills and physical fitness!
  • inclusive of children with special needs!

The Telly Award® winning  DVD, included with the book, shows children playing 30 of the book’s 52 physical activities.

Over 21,000 copies sold!“If you are affiliated with a Montessori School and are interested in ordering the Montessori movement album Movement Matters, please go to Active Play Book’s Montessori website,